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BNA Education provides high quality courses to prepare you for the most in-demand qualifications and certifications in your industry.


BNA Education has world-class testing centers across the globe – Melbourne, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Bangladesh and Nepal.


BNA Education is here to assist you in your professional development and help you advance and succeed in your career!

Over 20 Years of Teaching

Our passion is education!

BNA Education aims to provide high quality training and testing experience for learners who wish to gain recognised qualifications in their chosen field and acquire the necessary skills for a successful career.

Courses offered by BNA Education are accredited to a prestigious international consortium of boards, universities, and education bodies.

At BNA Education we deliver qualifications from recognised and respectable institutions and vendors, enabling learners to achieve awards that are globally accepted by the academia and the industry.

BNA Education provides learners with skills and qualifications for easy further academic progression with prestigious global institutions or to become a valuable professional asset as an employee or entrepreneur.

BNA Education Locations

Over 20 Years of Experience

We have been at it for a while.


Global Company

We have offices across the globe and have partnerships with many well-renowned universities, colleges and education companies.


Convenient Locations

With centres in Melbourne CBD and Brunswick.


Trusted Partner of Insitutions

100+ collaborations


World Class Educators

We have high-quality trainers and staff, fully qualified and with a vast amount of industry experience.



No shortcuts, real learning.

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